Features & Benefits

Various Types of Hotspots

In your VR walkthrough you can add various types of interactive hotspots like image, text, video, audio or any combination of above listed types. Navigation hotspots can also be added.

Easy to Use

VRC is a cloud platform, which is very easy to use web tool, and does not require and coding knowledge.

4K Video

DIt Supports 4K and higher resolutions photos and videos. VRC will automatically generate different optimized versions or original media for different platforms.

Support on Multiple Platforms

You can build your walk-through using VRC and that can be deployed on multiple platforms like Cardboard, Website, Apple Store, Gear VR, Oculus, etc.

Manage Background Audio

You can manage background audio through out walk-through with settings available.

Video Streaming

All media will be store on CDN and it will be lighting fast in loading.

Virtual Reality on Cloud